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Dr. Irfan Aslam, President Elect

Thank you for allowing me to serve as the President-Elect of APPNA Florida. I am also honored to be around the leadership of President Dr Irfan Imami and Treasurer Dr Irfan Imami and our excellent Executive Council.

Since new executive council took over in 2019 we been involved in talking and communicating to our members sometime it's difficult to locate some members but we are in the process of making a concrete data base so in future no one is left behind from our meetings and events. Obviously our prime effort is to make this Chapter visible and Vibrant.

I want to share our ongoing plans for this year and next year which include:

1. Updating website which will be user friendly and significant amount of information
Will be available for our colleagues and will be easier to register for meetings and see our progress.

2. We are connecting with our members using all means by social networking , phone calls and by mailing so every one is on board for suggestions and events . We are in the process in reaching out to all physicians of Pakistani decent in Florida to join us to increase our membership.

3. We are also thinking because of the strong rich history of Florida chapter to do events catered to community needs. Which include free health clinics and also involving young kids into our organization by giving them different tasks.

4. Last but not least we will coordinate our efforts with our parent organization APPNA more closely.

We encourage you to please send us your email or phone number for future correspondence.

We are excited and we are committed in making this Chapter more active and strong. Our Membership is our strength and we want to work as a family. We are open to any suggestions and please call us for any questions or concerns.

We welcome you to our website and please join us also at APPNA Florida Facebook page. Join us

We again thank you for working with us and being part of big family.

Irfan Aslam
President Elect